First Blog Post

Hurray! I've been wanting to start my own website/blog for a while but I wasn't sure where to start. Now that I'm finally setting it up, it's pretty exciting. There are so many different topics that I want to discuss throughout this blog that I'm just going to have to start with what I feel like writing at the moment. 

First, I want to talk about what I want out of this blog. For my own sake and your's. I wanted to start this for myself to help get all of these thoughts out of my head. I'm a very thoughtful person and lately I've been thinking that I have too much stored in my head. If I write them out, then maybe that will free up some room for other stuff. I also want to improve my writing skills. I'm not bad but I'm no where near amazing either. I've always been mediocre and if I practice more I'll definitely improve. Plus, I spent two years in college writing scientific research articles where the goal is to be as straight forward as possible in the smallest amount of words as possible. Which is good for science, but pretty boring as a reader or writer. Like, I was never able to say "pretty" or "like." 

The other reason I wanted to start a blog is for other people like you! I've been told that I give good advice and I think I make smart decisions. So basically, I'm hoping that my posts will help someone else. Whether it's serious, if I talk about my parents' divorce, or more fun, like my experience with pole dancing, if it helps someone else in any way then I've achieved my goal!