My Kitties

My significant other, Cody, and I recently rescued two adorable kittens for the new year. They are Noodle and Lois, both female. Noodle is a tortoiseshell, which is black with orange specks, and Lois is a mix of who knows what. Her sister looked straight up like a wild sand cat but Lois is completely different. She definitely looks like she could be part Maine Coon. But we really have no idea. Lois is quite a model though. 

They are great! At first we were kind of freaking out. Like, what did we do? Are we actually responsible enough for this? What if they live for 20 years, where will we be? But now that they're settled in it's nice to have them. Obviously we love them so much. And I think we got two cats who are the perfect fit for us. 

Our plan was to get two cats at the same time over winter break so that we would have time to get them settled before I went back to work and Cody went back to school. But of course that didn't work out.

We got Noodle first. Cody and I went to a Petsmart that has a cat rescue come every weekend. It was the second time we had gone to look and little Noodle, just two months old, stared back at us. I had been looking at a different kitten next to her and called Cody over to come look. As he was looking at that kitten I peaked over to Noodle's cage. Her big round eyes caught my attention and that I was it. I turned to Cody and told him to look at Noodle instead. We both fell in love immediately. At this point I was going back to work in a couple days, but Cody still had a week left of winter break. So we got her and brought this tiny kitten home to our two bedroom apartment (maybe I can talk more about that whole process later).

After getting Noodle it took about a week to get settled. And then I started pressing Cody about getting a second one because I didn't like the idea of Noodle being alone when we weren't home. Two weeks after getting Noodle we met Lois. I had seen her on the rescue's website and was hoping that they would have her at Petsmart that weekend. At first, I didn't see her and I was looking at some other kittens. But when I turned the corner and saw her I literally turned to Cody and said loudly,

"There she is!"

I just had a feeling that she was the one. We spoke with her foster and determined that she seemed like she would be a good companion for Noodle. Cody was freaking out (we were both afraid of ruining what we had already established with Noodle) but we adopted Lois anyway. 

There was a little struggle for the first week of having both cats and I was stressing out. But now they love each other and we love them!