I dyed my hair blue and I love it!

I dyed my hair in March 2019 and I absolutely love it!! Check out these awesome pictures of it! If you’re in Orlando go see Sam at Stella Luca for some magic!! She used all Pulp Riot, 2 purples and 2 blues. I told her that I wanted to keep my natural hair color at the top so that it wouldn’t look weird when it grew out. Luckily my hair is dark enough that it looked fantastic! Even after it’s grown out it still looks intentional! Scroll down to see my tips on how to keep your hair vibrant for as long as possible! I’ve managed to keep mine looking good for 5 months!


How to keep your Vivid hair looking vibrant for weeks!

  1. Don’t wash your hair more than twice a week

    Before I dyed my hair I washed it everyday even though you’re not supposed to because my natural hair gets oily so fast (and even since I’ve cut down on washing it, it still gets oily just the same). You can still rinse it would with cold water everyday, just don’t put shampoo in it more than twice a week. If you’re hair is super dry you might want to still condition it, just make sure you use a color safe conditioner, or get some leave -in conditioner like this one.

  2. Take cold showers

    I know it sucks but hear me out. Hot water will remove your color so fast it’s not worth it. However, this doesn’t mean you can never take a hot shower though! Get yourself a reusable shower cap! Like this one on Amazon (Fair warning: this cap takes away all sexiness you have in the shower haha). I put on a shower cap and set my shower as hot as I like wash my body, shave, whatever. Then before I get out I turn the water as cold as I can stand it and wash my hair.

  3. Use a color depositing shampoo or conditioner - this is key!

    I use Viral Colorwash in both purple and blue. Purple hair dye comes out a lot easier than blue so I use the Purple Colorwash every time I wash my hair. I can usually get away with using the Blue Colorwash every other wash. This shampoo is really the ultimate key to keeping your hair looking vibrant. You can see a clear difference in the color before and after using the wash.

  4. Stay away from sulfates

    I use a regular shampoo along with the Colorwash because the Colorwash is more for depositing the color and less actually washing your hair. If you want to do the same make sure your shampoo is sulfate-free. I personally like Ogx’s Tea Tree Mint, but it doesn’t always work for everyone. You don’t necessarily need to purchase a super expensive color protecting shampoo. One that works well with your hair and does not contain “sodium lauryl sulfate” or “sodium laureth sulfate”, should be good.

  5. Get a silk pillow case

    I bought a black silk pillow case that I use overnight to sleep on. Normal pillow case materials like cotton absorb moisture and thus hair color. A silk case won’t take the color out of your hair.

  6. Avoid chlorine and salt water (really just avoid any water)

    If you’re tired of having vivid hair go jump in a pool. Chlorine will strip the color right off! If you’re going to dye your hair don’t do it right before a beach vacation or a cruise. Unless you plan on staying out of the water of course. If you really need to take a quick dip in the hot tube, make sure you wear something to protect your hair like a beanie, shower cap, or swimming cap and don’t put your whole head underwater.

Thanks for reading my tips! I hope they help! I’m so excited that you’re interesting in having vivid hair! It’s so much fun!